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About Dot-Dot, Inc.

Dot-Dot, Inc. provides business advice for early-stage technology companies.

We provide strategic business advice and investments to early stage technology companies. Our advices simplify your business and our plans allow you to drive reasonable growth creating values for all stake holders. Our portfolio companies have higher success rate than typical venture backed companies. Dot-Dot, Inc’s clients are successful because we simplify their business plans and clarify their success measurements allowing them to execute, learn and adjust effectively.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Why planning is important?
How much planning is good enough and beyond that will just be a waste of time?
What should be included in the strategic plan?
How to put the strategic plan into actions?
How to track progress of the plan?
When to adjust the plan?
How to communicate the plan to your Board and management team?

Talent Recruitment

Where are the holes in your executive team?
Which positions to recruit first?
What role should the Board play in recruiting executives?
What should be in the position statement? How to put that together?
When to rely on referral, contingency recruiters and retained search firms?
How to construct the executive compensation plan in order to be competitive and motivational?
How to on board the executives to ensure high probability of success?
How to terminate a failed recruitment?

Capital Fund Raising

When should you start to plan for fund raising?
What should your operating plan deliver in order to ensure success in fund raising?
What should be in your pitch deck?
How would your pitch deck capture your potential investor’s attention?
How to dry run the pitch deck?
What is more important to your business – cash or valuation?

CEO Coaching

How can a CEO be an expert or near expert on Strategic Planning, Product, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Finance, Human Resources, Fund Raising, Board Management, Public Speaker all at the same time?
How to lead and manage the Board to attain an effective Board for the company?
How do you know that your executives, be it Sales or Marketing or Engineering, is actually delivering for the success of the company?
Do you want to run a highly transparent company? How?
When is efficiency important?
When things are not going well, whom do you talk to? Your Board? Your executives?

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We Help You Reach New Heights

Act Quickly

We provide actionable advice to entrepreneurs – never superficial, nor generic, nor based on general business principles. We will create a business strategy and operational plan to suit your specific needs. Following execution, your business will experience impact immediately.

Simplify & Execute

We help you simplify. You and your team will be able to execute a reasonable growth plan that creates value for customers, employees, founders and investors alike, with effective communication across all. We will stay with you until complete, helping you execute the strategies we build together.

Maintain Trust

You can trust in us to share your fears in any aspect of your business, real or perceived. We will work with you to sort through the fears – discard the meaningless ones and focus on those with the largest immediate impact when overcome. Whatever is shared, is strictly confidential.

Mutually Invest

We are 100% aligned with your business goals. If you don’t succeed, we don’t get paid. Seriously. No catch, no gimmicks, no hidden agendas. We focus 100% on you and help you build your business to a successful outcome so we can mutually reap the benefits.

Meet Our Advisors

Ivan Koon

Ivan Koon


Ivan Koon is a catalyst, with a relentless focus on results. As CEO of Dot-Dot, Inc. he provides strategic advisory services to startup Founders, CEOs and Senior Executives across product, marketing and fund raising functions. He has helped founders and investors realize significant returns from their investments. As a seasoned executive he has built world class businesses, including growth of a start up employee base from a dozen to over 200, its annual revenues from zero to over $50M and annual revenues from $200M to over $700M for a public corporation.

Eugene Lee

Eugene Lee


Eugene Lee is an Entrepreneur In Residence at Artiman Ventures. He is a leader with a track record of founding, building, growing and selling transformational companies at the intersection of people, software and networks. His diverse background includes CEO, Co-founder, GM with P&L, and marketing with mutli-billion dollar revenue responsibility. At Socialtext as ``CEO 2.0” and member of the Board of Directors, Lee led the company to a successful exit in April 2012, when Socialtext was acquired by Bedford Funding, a $1.4 billion private equity firm.

Ryan Azus

Ryan Azus


As RingCentral's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, Ryan Azus is responsible for growing the company’s sales channels and developing new markets. Prior to joining RingCentral, which he helped grow to IPO, Azus worked at both Cisco and WebEx. As WebEx's Vice President of online sales, he successfully drove sales to help the company grow from an early-stage startup to a public company. He was a key contributor to WebEx's success from a pre-IPO company in 2000 through its acquisition by Cisco Systems.

You have to Trust

that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and has made all the difference in my life.
Steve Jobs

What Our Clients Have to Say

"I trust Ivan Koon 100% for solid advice about tactics for tough situations and longer term strategy. Referrals are clutch, and his read has been useful every time. His style is demanding, proactive and direct, making for quality communication. As a first-time CEO, I found that once I stopped trying to impress him, he has become our most valuable advisor."

− Kuang Chen, Founder & CEO at Captricity

"I owe a lot to Ivan Koon for helping me and the team achieve hyper growth rate in the first full year of operation amidst a very competent competitive pool. He possesses range, instinct, integrity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence and wisdom that is extremely rare. He is a person that is always there when I need an executive to run ideas by."

− Jeetu Patel, GM at Syncplicity

"Ivan Koon advises our startup. His suggestions directly led to a revamped business model which equaled easier execution, less cost, higher yield, and fast time-to-market. Ivan helped get us focused on what counts when too many "urgent" things entice. Ivan is to-the-point, with absolutely no sugar-coating. He is accessible, open, and most importantly - is real."

− Michael Hsu, CEO at AdviceBridge

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